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Fount Hankle says Resurrection University is No. 1 choice for nursing school

Where did you earn your RN degree?

I completed my prerequisite courses for nursing at Prairie State College and earned my Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from Resurrection University.

Why did you choose Resurrection University?

I selected Resurrection University for several reasons. Most importantly, I was still working full time, Monday-Friday, and needed specific accommodations in order to attend classes. After conducting research on nursing programs in the Chicago metropolitan area, Resurrection University was the only school in the area that offered evening and weekend courses, which was conducive to my work-family schedule. In addition, Resurrection University had a very successful pass rate for the state NCLEX exam.

About Fount Hankle

The coolest thing about Fount Hankle.

Over 25 years of federal and state law enforcement experience, and [I] work part-time as a nurse.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Eating junk food. I love ice cream with chunks of chocolate, brownies, fudge and caramel inside.

Favorite hobby?

[I] enjoy traveling to tropical international locations with family and friends.

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