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Gabrielle Union coming back with new show

Gabrielle Union (Image source: Instagram – @gabunion)

Gabrielle Union is making serious boss moves. Dwyane Wade’s wife has already popped her collar, dusted her shoulders off and is pushing forward after her explosive firing from the popular NBC show “America’s Got Talent.”

In addition being a star and an executive producer of the current hit show “L.A.’s Finest,” Union is going to serve as executive producer for the upcoming show “Black Coffee” alongside Morgan Cooper, who will also write and direct.

“Black Coffee” will tell the story of an aspiring basketball star who loses his chance at stardom and riches after suffering a major injury. After he becomes a national barista champion, he moves back home to open his own coffee shop to help revitalize his struggling community.

There is no current release date, but “Black Coffee” will be shown on Quibi, an upstart streaming service that is the brainchild of former Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg. Quibi is scheduled to debut in April 2020.

Though Quibi is a relative unknown, it has already attracted the pinnacle of Hollywood talent, including comedian Kevin Hart, actress Naomi Watts and legendary blockbuster producer Stephen Spielberg, the man who has directed and produced everything from JAWS to E.T. the Terrestrial, the Jurrasic Park franchise and Schindler’s List.

Meanwhile, “L.A.’s Finest,” a police drama in which Union reprises her Bad Boys 2 character, Sydney Burnett, debuted on Spectrum in May 2019 and was greenlit for a second season this summer.