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Amanda Seales accuses Kim Kardashian of blackface, cultural appropriation

Kim Kardashian (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Amanda Seales blasted Kim Kardashian for her latest cover of 7 Hollywood magazine. Kardashian appears to be darker than usual on the cover. Seales blasted Kardashian on social media.

“Honestly, what is there to say? What is there to say,” she said “Because what folks will say is ‘But she has black children.’ Stop it. ‘But she’s Middle Eastern.’ Stop it. ‘But she’s helping black people get out of jail.’ Stop! Drop! Shut ’em down open up … Stop it! ‘But she’s channeling Elizabeth Taylor.’ Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. She wanted to look like Diahann Carroll, Beyonce, Diana Ross.’ That’s what she wanted to look like. And an entire team of people let it happen because they don’t care.”

Seales continued and spoke about Kardashian’s family.

“She got Black daughter and she don’t care,” Seales said. “Okay, she got Black nieces and she don’t care. She has a black mother-in-law looking down from Heaven, rest in peace to Donda, but she don’t care. She don’t care because so many of y’all don’t care. Y’all be praising the s—. Not y’all who are like ‘Yes Amana I’m with this.’ No, I mean them … you … in the back, who be like ‘Oh my gosh she’s so…’ That’s why she don’t care. That’s why.”

Seales then made it a point to go after Black people who follow the Kardashians.

“Some of y’all don’t care about yourself,” she said. “The love of you being a Black woman and loving what you are as a Black woman, that didn’t happen, and that’s unfair to you. Because you should care that somebody is trying to take your rhythm but not know your blues. You should care. Some of y’all don’t even care about Black women unless they’re your family member. Or maybe you don’t care about Black women altogether.”

Seales continued to say that the Kardashians have a history of appropriating Black culture and said Kardashian’s shoot was similar to blackface.

“This family is notorious for appropriating Black culture,” she said. “They do not have any grievance about it. They don’t give reverence, they don’t pay homage. They mimic, they take, they commodify. This is a constant thing that they do … As a Black woman, to see this person on this cover in blackface, and yes, you can call it tan or bronzer or whatever, but again, she don’t care. But I am of a lineage of individuals, who because of our innate likeness and dopeness in various forms have had to exist in our expense.”

View video her entire statement below:

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