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Georgia Sheriff Victor Hill admired as a superhero in his community

Clayton County (Georgia) Sheriff Victor Hill spreading holiday cheer. (Image source: Facebook – @victorhill)

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is a popular elected figure in the metro Atlanta community he serves. Known for his no-nonsense approach, Hill is feared by criminals throughout the entire state of Georgia.

Beyond being a sheriff who patrols the streets, who leads drug raids and who is strategic about law enforcement, Hill also has compassion for those less fortunate.

During the year, Hill gives back to the community through holding the largest gathering of youth and parents in the county on Halloween night, free turkey giveaways for Thanksgiving and actually handing out $100 bills to unsuspecting citizens of
Clayton County leading up to Christmas. He has been doing this for a few years, and it has become a tradition.

“Clayton County is lucky to have Sheriff Hill. I would have moved my family to another county a long time ago if he wasn’t the sheriff,” said Kelvin Cobb, a longtime Clayton County resident.

Some of the interactions are highlighted on Hill’s Facebook page:

Man in a wheelchair

Hill: How fast were you going?

Man: I think like 5 miles per hour.

Hill: That’s too fast. I’m gonna have to give you a ticket for speeding in a wheelchair. Can you sign right there? I’m gonna have to fine you $100 dollars (Hill gives the man a $100 bill.) Merry Christmas to you.

Man: Y’all helped me like two times. … One time I got stuck in the mud. Y’all had to come pull me out.


Hill: “That cart … you were pushing it too fast … unfortunately, I’m gonna have to give you a $100 ticket.” (Hill gives woman a $100 bill.)

Teacher: Are you kidding me? God bless you.

Hill: I love your Christmas sweater.

Teacher: We had our Christmas party today at school with my class.

Homeless man

Hill: “You OK? Why you got this suitcase?”

Homeless man: “I’m homeless.”

Hill: “Let me just give you this before you go.”

Homeless man: “Did I do something?”

Hill: “Yeah, yeah… you gotta take this $100 ticket for having that suitcase.” (Hill gives the man a $100 bill.)

In true “superhero-like” fashion, this Georgia sheriff keeps his citizens safe and displays true nobility for others.

To review all of these touching encounters, visit Hill’s Facebook page at //

Clayton County (Georgia) Sheriff Victor Hill spreading holiday cheer. (Image source: Facebook – @victorhill)

Rashad Richey, MBA, Ph.D., is an Emmy-nominated political analyst, radio personality, national news commentator and editor-at-large for rolling out. 

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