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Tariq Nasheed upset, claims ‘Queen & Slim’ lead actress worships White men

Turner-Smith’s choice to date White men could be a reaction to how White supremacy can affect Black people even when it comes to love. Did dark-skinned men she met earlier in her life really hate themselves so much that they despised her dark skin tone? Or, did she lack self-confidence and think love could only be achieved by dating outside her race? Or, maybe she decided to marry the person she fell in love with. At this point, one can only speculate about her motives.

The effects of racism will always be a complex issue and it can never be summarized in a tweet. Black people often deal with the effects of racism in different ways. Some individuals may seek to fight racism by going hard against racists and the systems that fuel hate. However, by blasting their own people without seeking understanding, some Blacks can perpetuate racist ideologies, thereby thwarting the progress needed to help Black people thrive as a whole.

The future of the Black family depends on the act of embracing love for oneself and one another while living in a society that is designed to destroy the self-confidence of Black people every day.

If the first move is to aim criticism at someone for making a decision without delving into their backstory, it can feel like the same hatred that racists use to systematically oppress Black people.

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