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Georgia Tech recruit dies suddenly just weeks after signing

Georgia Tech recruit Bryce Gowdy (Image source: Instagram – @7simba)

A four-star Georgia Tech football recruit was killed tragically only weeks after signing his letter of intent to attend the elite technical school in Atlanta, according to published reports.

Deerfield Beach Senior high school wide receiver Bryce Gowdy was reportedly struck and killed by a freight train in Deerfield Beach, the Miami Herald reports.

Gowdy’s mother delivered the devastating news to the coach at Deerfield Beach High School, 45 miles north of Miami.

“It’s heartbreaking. Everybody that has ever met him or ever touched him is in shock. Can’t believe it,” Deerfield Beach coach Jevon Glenn told the Miami Herald.

“His mom told me this morning that he stepped in front of a train,” Glenn added.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported to the Herald that Gowdy, 17, was struck by a freight train at 4 a.m. and was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Gowdy, pictured third from the left in the Twitter post below, had just posted this family photo announcing that he would be headed to the Georgia capital soon.

Glenn was emotional about the loss.

“He was a great player that kind of truly exemplified of what our definition was for a kid to be a Beach Boy, who grew up in our program,” Glenn told the Herald. “Great student, top in his class … one of the top players in the country.”