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Kevin Hart blasted for talking down to his trainer and putting hands on him

Kevin Hart attends the ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (BANG MEDIA INTERNATIONAL FAMOUS PICTURES)

The “Kevin Hart: Don’t F— This Up” docu-series has opened up the superstar comedic actor to a new round of blasting after he talks down to his trainer Ron “Boss” Everline before getting into a shoving match with him.

In the documentary, the Jumanji and Ride Along star pesters his trainer with questions of how he’d do without him.

“Do you think you’re rich?” Hart asked.

Boss said: “Shut up, I’m not rich.”

Hart continued: “[Do you] think you’re wealthy? Everything stops today, you can live forever?”

Boss retorted with anger by saying, “N—- I work every day …”

Clearly not satisfied with his answer, Hart then repeated his question.

“I said if everything stops. … If everything stops today … F— me, f— everything else …”

Boss then said, “I’m good… I’ve had money before you and gonna have money after you.”

Hart persisted and managed to get under his trainer’s skin by asking yet again, “If everything stops today, could you survive?”

When Boss said “Yes,” Hart sounded off on the man.

“You’re a liar!”

And that’s when Boss blew up.

“The fact that you’re trying to tell me that I can’t survive makes you look dumb as f— … I’ve been making money way before this.”

At that point, Boss knocked down the camera that was taping their interaction. Boss and Hart locked up and shoved each other.

Later when he sobers up, Hart admits he messed up.

“I f—– up,” he said bluntly.

“Having a moment of self-evaluation, I realize a chink in the armor. I’m a firm believer in practice what you preach, and I’m always preaching to Boss about what we are, what we can be, what we have, why we need to be smart and always looking at the bigger picture.”

Hit the flip to see the rest of Hart’s apology and mixed reactions from Twitter.

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