Dawit Selassie launches initiative to aid underprivileged soccer players

Dawit Selassie (Photo credit: John Tangney)

Dawit Selassie is an Atlanta resident, father, guitarist and soccer enthusiast. He attended Howard University where he developed pride in his cultural heritage, learned the importance of unity and traveled internationally experiencing various African and Caribbean cultures.

Playing soccer on his collegiate team helped him to realize that the sport was both an athletic and cultural experience. Selassie discovered his passion for connecting the two and developed his first project was a cost-free mini-league called Afrika World Football, which taught the participants soccer skills, geography and cultural pride.

Today he is the founder and visionary behind The Beautiful Game Project, a fundraising initiative to aid underprivileged soccer players.

Rolling out spoke with Selassie about his goals for the project.

What is the mission of the Beautiful Game Project?

The BGP mission is to provide and promote soccer culture through music, visual arts and events for underserved communities through fundraising.

What do you do in your role with the Beautiful Game Project?

In my leadership role, my commitment to the community is to be of service and a positive source of resources for those in need.

Why is teamwork important to you and your work? 

Teamwork is important because without unity there is no strength.

What are three professional organizations that you support?

Three professional organizations I support are Soccer in the Streets, Footie Mob, and the Atlanta United Foundation.

Why should people support the Beautiful Game Project mission?

One should support the BGP objective because it affords them a direct opportunity to make an impact with the community.

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