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Antonio Brown drops 1st song on ‘No White Women 2020’ album (video)

Antonio Brown’s NFL career may be over because of his erratic, petulant and quite possibly, illegal behavior recently. With ample time on his hands, the gridiron superstar is trying to jumpstart his music career.

The seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, who goes by the moniker “AB,” has just dropped the first video to his debut song, “Whole Lotta Money,” from his problematic album title No White Women 2020 that, well… features a video full of scantily-clad Caucasian females.

Filming the video in black-and-white inside a gorgeous mansion, the famously flamboyant AB is cloaked in an ostentatious fur coat while stunting in sparkly sunglasses. He spits lyrics while being orbited by a brigade of booty-shaking, bikini-clad women donning ski masks.

Brown, universally considered one of the greatest receivers the NFL has ever produced, can only watch the game he loves as his career is in a holding pattern due to a steady procession of outlandish behavior. In just a span of about six months in 2019, he was run off from the Pittsburgh Steelers squad for incessant infantile bickering. He was then cut from the Oakland Raiders after challenging the general manager to a fight and finally disowned by the New England Patriots for insubordination. He was also considered contaminated goods by the Pats due to two sexual assault investigations.

Nevertheless, multiple teams have expressed interest in the supremely talented Brown for next season. In the interim, Brown has kept busy trolling folks on social media, DM-ing women on Instagram and making music.

The problem is, many music fans equate his music to an abandoned port-a-potty. Check out the video below and then scroll down for the hilarious denunciations of his skillset.

The reactions to AB’s debut video were harsh and blunt on YouTube:

“No more white woman but the video full of them….”

“CTE has officially kicked in.”

“You got a whole lotta mental issues.”

“This is like watching a Trainwreck in slow motion.”

“dont quit your day job. oh wait…”