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Boosie responds after Black Greeks blast him for wearing Kappa Alpha Psi shirt

Photo: @officialboosie via Instagram

Boosie caught flack for wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity shirt. On Jan. 8, Boosie attended the Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks game in Atlanta and took several photos of himself. Some Black Greeks noticed the rapper wearing the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity shirt and blasted the rapper.

“He didn’t pledge, Boosie didn’t even go to college. He need to take that off,” Twitter users @Leelee wrote.

Another person, @_UndaDawg_ wrote, “People under that fraternity have pledged a lifelong commitment to it. It’s the same as stolen valor in the military. It starts as 1. I bet if it was a somebody like Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas or some s—, these answers would be different.”

Twitter user @iSlangConfetti wrote, “A lot of people saying Greeks mad over a shirt but y’all pissed when people dress in military uniform and never served.”

“Boosie ain’t pledge so he can’t rock the shirt. simple,” @djmitt wrote. 

Boosie responded by sharing his side of the story. “I was in the mall looking for [red] and saw the sweater and it was hard,” Boosie wrote on Instagram. “Yes, I knew it was a Kappa sweater. I thought I would get love from wearing it, not hate. Calm y’all [expletive] down brah. I was just getting fresh … Y’all should be mad at the mother f—rs in the mall selling them for the low, don’t be mad at me.”

Others on social media responded to Boosie.