Mario Tolliver of ‘Ready to Love’ says he didn’t creep on his boo

Tondy showed screenshots of you putting sexually-explicit emojis in her DM on one of her pictures after you and Reva started dating. Why would you do that if you had moved on from Tondy?
Being stupid. I did put those emojis on her picture, but it’s not like I don’t like her. I care about her, she and I just don’t work in real life. We have a physical attraction to each other but we don’t work in a relationship. I shouldn’t have done that and I did tell Reva about it before she heard about the screenshots on Tondy’s page.

It was said that you may have been intimidated because Tondy has several famous exes including Ginuwine. Is there any truth to that?
Why would I be intimidated? That has nothing to do with me. Ginuwine came to Atlanta while Tondy and I were together and she asked me if I had a problem with her going to the show. I told her to go and have fun. She didn’t go, so I wasn’t sure if she was testing me or not.

What would you have done differently on the show if you could do everything over?
I would’ve come on the show, focused on one woman, got her and went home.

Do you believe Mario’s story?

Mario Tolliver of 'Ready to Love' says he didn't creep on his boo

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