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Tracy McMillan offers tough love to engaged couples on ‘Family or Fiancé’

Relationship expert Tracy McMillan (Photo credit: OWN; ONE/35 Agency)

OWN is gearing up for the second season of “Family or Fiance,” a weekend-long therapy session specifically designed for newly engaged couples and their families. Relationship therapist Tracy McMillan has been a long-time favorite of Oprah’s, appearing on “Super Soul Sunday” to discuss relationships and her personal struggles, including being divorced three times and yet. learning to remain optimistic about love. McMillan was tapped to be the resident host and therapist of the therapy-based reality show that introduces families of an engaged couple in a high-intensity weekend in one house.

“It’s a crash course on getting acquainted with the family of course but it usually ends up tapping into internal issues within the family,” McMillan explained. “Last season was the first one so people weren’t really sure what to expect. This season we have couples who have realized they had issues and want to come on the show to get help, so it’s very exciting.”

McMillan found critical acclaim with an article turned book titled “Why You’re Not Married Yet.” It’s a self-help guide for single women who have neglected the work necessary to become a wife. She believes what makes her such an impactful therapist on the show is the fact that she has experienced both love and loss and learned lessons through it all.

“When couples in distress talk to someone who has been married thirty years to the same person, it’s hard for them to relate to someone that has a different story. It’s like they can’t relate. Me, I can admit I’ve had Daddy issues, which lead me to uncover and then understand my Mommy issues, I’ve been married and divorced three times and I’ve learned from all of that. I’m able to empathize and relate to the couples and their families in a real way,” she said. “This work is my life’s purpose and I’m really excited for people to see this season of ‘Family or Fiance.’ It doesn’t always end with the couple staying together, but it always ends with growth and a new beginning, which is the best way to gauge a happy ending.”

“Family or Fiance” returns for the second season on OWN, Saturday, Jan 11, at 9 EST.

You can see a clip from the upcoming season, after the jump:

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