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4 Chicago artists explain why purchasing art is a good investment

Artwork by Ahmad Lee (Photo provided)

The “Chi-town Soul Collective” is a group of local artists and curators whose goal is to elevate the Chicago art and music scene one hustle at a time. Their artwork is a mix of street art, graffiti and culturally diverse themes created individually and collaboratively.

Rolling out spoke with some of the founders about their artistic influences and why collecting artwork is a good financial investment.

Artist Joseph A. Medcalf (photo provided)

Joseph Medcalf

The Grand Rapids, Michigan, native is a mixed media visual artist and lifelong creative. He has partnered with world-class brands such as Cap’n Crunch, Bombay Sapphire, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As a self-proclaimed “artrepreneur,” Medcalf is on a mission to redefine what it means to be a working artist.

Which artists inspired you the most?

Hebru Brantley and Kerry James Marshall are two artists that have inspired my creative work. Both are African American painters with roots [in] Chicago.

Why is art a good investment?

From a contemporary art perspective, creative work never depreciates in value. The type of artwork I produce is a reflection of present-day and my life experiences. Similar to the importance of cherishing pieces of history, artwork must be regarded in the same way because it is often a direct reflection of time past.


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