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Tyler Perry finally explains why he has no writers room

At one point, Perry said, his studio “overpaid the WGA by a million dollars.”

After dealing with one headache after another with union and nonunion workers, Perry simply splintered the “writers room” into a thousand pieces.

However, Perry finally has relented and told Level magazine that he will reestablish a writers room in the future.

“We have four shows coming up with showrunners who will have their own writers and their own writers room. There will always be opportunities at Tyler Perry Studios for writers. Always. But for these particular shows, my audience wants my voice,” Perry explained.

Perry said he also is sympathetic to aspiring and experienced writers and understands their current consternation over the lack of a writers room.

“Now that I understand. And I appreciate that,” he told Level. “When I posted that (tweet), I wasn’t thinking about how it would look to people who want to work with me. That’s fair.”

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