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Photographer Rhayna C. explains why capturing life’s moments is so gratifying

Photo courtesy of Rhayna C. Photography

Where is your studio?

The studio I work from is Photoplex Studios in Alpharetta. This is where my clients can come and get everything done. This means that they can have all of their makeup, wardrobe changes and photo shoots taken care of on location without any additional hassle.

How do you plan to elevate your business in 2020?

I am always in the process of purchasing more equipment, offering more on-location sessions, attending photography workshops, revising my website and revamping my Facebook page to market to a wider demographic. In 2020, I am going to be constantly looking ahead to bring my business to a new and higher level.

Photo courtesy of Rhayna C. Photography

Among all of the personalities you’ve photographed, who was the most memorable?

The most memorable personality I’ve photographed was a 4-year-old named Caliyah. She was a very important person to me because she had suffered third-degree burns on her face and body. Despite the physical changes she endured, Caliyah’s energy never faltered. She was a pure joy filled with love and light. Her positivity was incredibly infectious.

How do you incorporate music in your photo shoots?

Music is a constant theme in all of my photo shoots. It plays a key role in establishing the mood. If it’s a boudoir shoot, I’ll queue a little sexy music. If it’s a kid session, I’ll play “Baby Shark”. But I have to say that my overall go-to music is almost always Beyoncé!

Photo courtesy of Rhayna C. Photography

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