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Art, Beats + Lyrics celebrates 15 years of culture, music and innovation

Jabari Graham, Dwyane “Dubelyoo” Wright, Andre Dickens (photo: Norman Johnson for Steed Media)

For 15 years, Art, Beats, + Lyrics has captured the essence of Black culture. The traveling show, presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, features artwork from emerging artists and music from top-notch DJs and artists.

On Jan. 17, Art, Beats, + Lyrics celebrated its 15 years at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. The capacity crowd witnessed artwork by Tim Okamura, Yung Yemi, James Nelson, Manasseh Johnson Sr, Tim Okamura, Diwang Valdez, Taha Clayton, and Malik Roberts to name a few.


Tim Okamura’s artwork at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Art, Beats and Lyrics (Photo by Norman Johnson for Steed Media)

There was also a live performance by rap group, Little Brother.

Since 2004, Jabari Graham, and his business partner Dwyane “Dubelyoo” Wright have expanded Art, Beats + Lyrics by making it an annual national tour.

Taha Clayton’s artwork at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Art, Beats, and Lyrics (Photo by Cassidy S.)

“Larger, more corporate art shows and galleries have always focused more on the older audience — missing a big opportunity to break new artists and reach a younger generation of eager, potential buyers and art connoisseurs,” Graham shared with rolling out. “Through the Arts, Beats + Lyrics event over the years, we have created an opportunity to not only introduce emerging, behind-the-scenes visual artists to the larger Atlanta art community, but are also putting those artists in front of thousands of people in Atlanta — people of all ages, races, cultures and experiential backgrounds that are eager to get to know Atlanta’s own creative innovators.”