Artika R. Tyner explains how minorities’ lives are impacted by the legal system

Artika R. Tyner explains how minorities' lives are impacted by the legal system
Photo provided by Artika R. Tyner

Artika R. Tyner, who earned a doctorate in leadership, is a passionate educator, award-winning author, sought-after speaker and advocate for justice. Tyner currently serves as the founding director of the Center on Race, Leadership and Social Justice at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. She is committed to training students to serve as social engineers who create new inroads to justice and freedom.

Why is the mission and vision of the legal center important to the creation of better legal practices and the elimination of disparities that negatively impact Black people and other people of color?

My personal teaching motto is: “We see a problem, we create a solution.” Future lawyers are uniquely positioned to use their legal training to make a difference in the world. History shows us that lawyers have been at the forefront of social change. One key exemplary example is the leadership legacy of Charles Hamilton Houston, who laid the groundwork for the legal case Brown v. Board of Education. Our center is dedicated to advancing our university’s social justice mission by training and equipping the next generation of social engineers.

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