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Tisha Campbell discusses new show, dealing with negativity and dating online

When we think of going through different chapters in life, most of us don’t have to do that in the public eye. Have you struggled with the public’s reaction to some of the things you are going through personally?

I realize when I step out of my house that I’m on the clock. I know that my job is to talk to fans and interact with the people that have supported me. I also know that their job is to give their opinion on me as an actress and even as an individual. It’s all a part of being in the public eye. I’ve never resented that and I’m always thankful. I just look at it like it’s their job to be judgemental and I don’t take it personally.

You’ve been married for much of your adult life and I know you’ve heard about the dating horror stories of some of your friends. Have you started dating? 

I don’t think I’m ready for that step yet. I’m really just trying to get myself together; give myself the chance to heal. I have always been good at taking care of others. I need some time to take care of me for a while. When I do start that phase I have no idea what to expect or what that will look like. I may try online dating. (laughs)

You can catch Tisha Campbell in “Outmatched” on Fox, Thursday nights 8:30/7:30 C.

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