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Tracee Ellis Ross reveals what happened when she styled her hair with beer

Tracee Ellis Ross (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Tracee Ellis Ross‘ hair “dried to a pulp” after she poured cans of beer over her locks.

The “Black-ish” actress used to have a “very contentious relationship” with her curls because she had no idea how to treat it and admitted many of the things she tried left her hair damaged.

She told Dazed Beauty: “I had a very contentious relationship with my hair because I couldn’t find products that supported it.

“My hair was extremely damaged from trying to beat it into submission; from hair relaxers and getting my hair blown out, to putting a blow dryer and hot comb, all the different things that people of color end up having to try in order to manipulate their hair into what society says it should look like.

“I was trying different things, I put beer in my hair. I had an Italian friend who had big, huge, glorious curls. She would wash her hair, wet them, and then pour a can of beer in her hair. And it would make the curl. So I tried that.

“But that was the beginning of me discovering how my hair did not like alcohol. Maybe for the first couple of hours because they would curl, but if you do that for a month it will be dried to a pulp.”

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