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Google’s new Black history commercial draws mixed reaction

Many posters on Twitter responded enthusiastically, praising Google and its Black History Month video.

One person wrote, “Y’all truly did THAT. I’m still shook.”

Another posted, “Black Americans did that!”

“We are THEE most dynamic, diverse, beautiful people on the face of the Earth and I am so proud to say it again and again!!! I love US forreal!!!,” another fan wrote.

“Giving us black history month vibes nearly a week early. Yes, Google can continue to have my business.”

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However, a number of Michael Jackson fans are upset that he wasn’t included.

One person tweeted, “There better be a full-length version of your video that includes Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer who ever lived, an innocent artist and activist for the Black communities, for the innocent, for justice, for equality, for the entire planet.”

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