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10 NBA players who filed to change their jersey number in honor of Kobe Bryant

Former NBA player Kobe Bryant attends the ‘Dear Basketball’ screening at SVA Theatre during the 2017 TriBeCa Film Festival on April 22, 2017, in New York City. (Photo Credit: / Debby Wong)

As the NBA and the sports world continues to mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant, tributes have become commonplace. From makeshift memorials to girls and boys basketball, college and professional players, athletes across the country have paid homage by wearing T-shirts and temporary jerseys adorned with the numbers 24 and 8.

Trey Young of the Atlanta Hawks wore No. 8 at the onset of a game before taking an eight-second violation backcourt. Philadelphia 76ers center Joel wore No. 24 against the Golden State Warriors for a full game, then promptly scored his 24th point while mouthing the word “Kobe” for his 24th and final point.

In that same spirit, a new trend that has gained momentum in the past two days, where players have formally requested permanent jersey changes from either 8 or 24 to pay homage to Bryant.

Spencer Dinwiddie, who sported No. 8 for the Brooklyn Nets only a week ago, filed to change his number to 26 and was granted the right to do so immediately.

“It’s an obvious choice,” he told the Nets Daily. “I kept coming to that number, but here’s why … They passed on the 26th. Twenty-four and 2 are their numbers; two plus six is eight. I’m 26 currently. Me and my son were both born in April. He’s the 20th, I’m the 6th. And that’s what was on my mind when I decided the jersey change. Incorporating my son. Because last time it revolved around family as well.”

In addition to Dinwiddie, the following players have filed to change their numbers:

Markieff Morris, Detroit Pistons – Morris is is going from 8 to 88 to elicit double respect for the Black Mamba.

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