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Trainer Emory Bernard keeps T.I. and Tichina Arnold in shape

Emory Bernard (Photo credit: Jay Ford)

Emory Bernard, also known as “Fit by Joc,” is a celebrity personal trainer and Muscletech branded Athlete. The native Atlantan has been on the fitness scene for four years and has been traveling the world to follow his passion since. Not only has he helped clients achieve their fitness goals, he has also aided them in changing their respective lifestyles by helping them alter their mindset(s). We spoke with Bernard about working with celebrity clients and maintaining a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically.

What does exercise represent to you?

Exercise to me represents a form of self-discipline, it’s more of a practice. You must have a predetermined destination, whether it be body goals or the psychological benefits (mindset). Exercise is a starting point for a better life. It allows you to create better habits, mentally and physically that will, in turn, change your life for the better.

How do you maintain healthy eating habits without making excuses?

I lost my dad to heart disease and I refuse to believe that it’s hereditary. The main things that are passed down from generation to generation are habits and I chose to change my habits for the better. I like to think of the body as a cellphone. Charge it with good foods and it will work at its full capacity. Charge it with bad foods, and it will die out before the day is over.

How have you built your career as a celebrity trainer?

I’ve always instilled in myself to be prepared for any and every opportunity that comes with my calling. Training celebrities started as a goal then it became my reality. I was actually referred to my first celebrity client, Tichina Arnold, through a friend. From there, it wasn’t until I met Boss (Kevin Hart’s trainer), where the grind began. I got an opportunity to train T.I. due to a bet he had with Kevin Hart that he couldn’t obtain a six-pack in three months. Safe to say we did it in a month and a half, and it’s going on my third year with him.

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