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Angelia White Stone pens ‘Yes Sisters’ to help women grow and flourish

Photo courtesy of Angelia White

Why is a book like this necessary at this time in the world? 

It’s necessary because women need to know it’s okay to be vulnerable and to let their guards down to trust.  There are women who will love, support and challenge you that are absolutely genuine.

Explain to us what a “Yes Sister” is and does. 

She’s a woman in your circle who believes in you, who offers encouragement, insights, love and wonder. She makes you feel alive and sometimes has more confidence in you than you have in yourself. Her words and presence stir your soul toward greatness.

How can our mindset keep us from fully living? 

Our words and thoughts are powerful. I know people always say that “actions speak louder than words,” but we shouldn’t overlook the influence our words can have on others and on ourselves. Words can certainly bring us down, yet they are also able to inspire and encourage us, especially when the words affirm that those around us genuinely believe in us.

Photo courtesy of Angelia White

How can having “Yes Sisters” help us grow? 

We don’t know everything and that’s not a bad thing. Surrounding yourself [with] sisters [who] are smarter, wiser and just have it together more than you [is] a plus. It’s an opportunity to grow and flourish!

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