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Alex Benson explains what makes him a good father

(Photo provided by Alex Benson)

Rolling out’s Father Coach Club series spotlights incredible dads such as Alex Benson on their journey through fatherhood. We share their success stories as Black men and fathers in America.

Benson is the owner of Born to Compete, one of the premier youth sports media company outlets in the country.

Benson graduated from Fort Valley State University with a degree in marketing. He was a student-athlete and is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Gamma Zeta Chapter. What makes Benson so great, other than his professional accomplishments, is his role as a proud father.

What legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?
I hope that through my company Born to Compete, we have created a unique environment of love, community, competitiveness and a yearning to want to be the best through youth sports. When we first started Born to Compete, there were hardly 50 people in the stands watching games. Our B2C state championship has grown to amass over 8,000 people attending the games throughout the entire week. My children will understand how to compete in a healthy way and enjoy being recognized for it.

From a father’s perspective, what two books would you recommend every child read?
When they get older, I will tell them to read the Richest Man Who Ever Lived and the Bible.

Why is it important to expose children to education and valuable skills?
Education is one of the foundations of our society and unlike some of the other foundations in our society, everyone at least has a right to free education and the opportunity to move it further if they desire. It also prepares you to be teachable which is a necessary skill when going into the working world.

As a father and a life coach, describe your playbook.
Work hard, don’t be afraid to have fun, take advantage of opportunities, be humble and surround yourself with people of value.

Which fatherhood experiences have taught you the most about yourself?
My son has taught me to truly listen. I always thought I was a great listener but he has really changed the way I interact with people and carry a conversation.

Share one of your fondest memories you’ve experienced with your father.
My dad was into a lot of different things in life but I can say that when he came back in my life he made a change for the better. One thing that I am glad that I got to share with him was our late-night phone calls. When I first started the business, it was rough for the first couple of years. He would call every night Monday through Thursday around 11 p.m. and make sure I was working. Our conversations were brief but they were effective and to the point. I think he knew that if he could keep my mind focused, my work ethic would take care of the rest. That is a memory that I keep with me.