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Photographer Robin Marshall finds her spot on Hollywood’s red carpet

How would you describe your style of photography?
I really don’t have a style. I just love to tell stories through my pictures. My focus is to absorb the room, watch the people and create the perfect memory. I’m not the best photographer by a long stretch, but people are people and they work with who they like and feel comfortable [with].

(Photo courtesy of Robin Lori Marshall Photography)

Have you ever been discouraged?
My mistakes tend to discourage me but I get back up. A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with Rihanna for her perfume launch at Macy’s. I took on something that was way over my head; photographing and printing onsite. Hundreds of fans showed up to get photos with their favorite superstar and I almost ruined it. I accidentally deleted some of the images. At that moment I had to decide am I going to fold or am I going to do something to fix it? I chose to find a solution. The next day I went back to Macy’s with prints for all of the fans who didn’t get their photo. Handling your mistakes with honor allows you to keep moving.

(Photo courtesy of Robin Lori Marshall Photography)

What represents a great photograph to you?
I’m on the red carpet a lot here in LA and everyone gets the same shot with a few variations. … Point, shoot and avoid getting crushed by all the other cameras. Creativity at any capacity is exciting and to be a great photograph stimulates emotion.

Social media handle: @ItsRobinLori
One thing cool about you: I have a twin sister.
Favorite restaurant: Benihana
Favorite guilty pleasure: All you can eat salad bars.
Favorite artist on repeat: Kehlani

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