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Sasha Moore’s determination helped her graduate from ResU nursing school

Photo courtesy of Isaiah Heath

For most of Sasha Moore’s life, she has been surrounded by family and friends who are healthcare professionals.  It never dawned on Moore that she would one day be a nurse. “I was undecided for the first few years of my college career,” says Moore. “It wasn’t until my last year at Prairie State College that I decided to pursue a career in nursing.”

Moore graduated from Resurrection University in Dec. 2019 with a degree in nursing. She spoke with rolling out about her journey.

What inspires you to show up to nursing school every day?
As a student, I believe in accomplishing every goal I set. I wake up every day with a motivation that someday I will be a nurse. Having to wake up by 6 am every day from the south suburbs [of Chicago] for school wasn’t something I anticipated, but I was able to do this through the help of God, encouraging words from friends and family and self-determination to excel. No mountain is too difficult for a determined mind. Everything, I believe, is possible with the right mindset.

What’s new and different about what you’re doing every day?
Being in nursing school has taught me how to manage my time. Since starting at ResU, I have been able to strengthen my time management skills. Being in nursing school has forced me to adapt to the realities of my new normal. I have had to sleep late and wake up early on so many occasions.

What kind of stories make you proud to be a nursing student?
One thing I looked forward to in nursing school is clinical, nothing beats the experiences seen in clinical and the interactions with patients. I believe the best part of me lies in my faith, and with that, it includes inclusive care that values all ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. During clinical, I feel that I can learn so much from them. I had a patient in particular that thanked me for my genuineness and care. She explained that she hadn’t felt like she was being cared for to the best of the healthcare staff’s abilities. This made me proud as a nursing student.

 Name 5 things people should know about nurses.
1. Nurses are humans who have feelings.

2. Nurses get sick just like their patients.

3. Nurses also require self-care, just like their patients.

4. We should remember that nurses are exposed to traumas and they require time to recuperate.

5. We should remember that nurses are not perfect, and they can only care. Only God heals.

How important is it for a nurse to create “small talk” with patients?
Small talk is important with patients because we never know who just needs to be heard, who needs to be listened to, in addition to the care they are being given. When we engage in conversations with our patients, we make them feel like they are more than a room number, a diagnosis, or a condition, but when we engage in conversations with them, we get to know them beyond their illness.