Reality star Quad Webb learning to live and laugh after painful divorce

Reality star Quad Webb learning to live and laugh after painful divorce
Quad Webb (Photo by Christal Jordan for Steed Media Service)

Quad Webb, affectionately known as Miss Quad, has been a favorite on “Married to Medicine” for the past few years. She made so much of an impression on fans that TV One tapped the Memphis, Tennessee, native to co-host the melanin-powered “Sister Circle” morning talk show along with Rashan Ali, Syleena Johnson and Trina Braxton.

Unfortunately after joining the “Married to Medicine” cast with her husband Gregory Lunceford, the couple underwent a painful divorce that played out during the BRAVO reality show based on the  lives of doctors and dentists. Rolling out talked with Webb about life after divorce and how she managed to deal with heartbreak on the public platform.

Sometimes the strong friend has the least support. Do you feel you received support while dealing with your divorce from your cast members on “Married to Medicine”?

It’s true that sometimes people assume strong people don’t need help, but I don’t think that was the case. People saw me breaking down, saw the tears and yet the support wasn’t there. When you are taping reality TV, people do things for the storyline and it’s not about really being there for each other.

Was divorce something that you considered as an outcome for your marriage to Dr. Lunceford?

Of course not! I thought my marriage was forever as most people do. I was devastated and then I had people I didn’t know giving me advice. There were people that suggested our issues would’ve gone away if we’d had a baby.

That’s surprising because everyone knows babies don’t save marriages. Did you want children?

Yes, I wanted children and I still do. In fact, I’m preparing to have my eggs frozen so that children are still an option for me. I learned that I had fibroids and so I had to have that taken care of so that I would be able to move forward. If everything goes well, viewers may see me going through this process next season. I’ve always wanted children and I am not going to let that experience stop me from having that.

You have a cookbook out titled, Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Laugh, Love and Eat. Was cooking always a passion for you?

Yes, cooking is my peace. It’s something I learned early growing up in Memphis. I wanted to do something to share that love with others. This book is for everyone, beginners, those that can cook a little, and the chef in the family. There are healthy options and some sophisticated dishes, but also a lot of soul food because that’s what I grew up cooking at home.

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