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Loni Love’s friend says comic had Tamar Braxton fired from ‘The Real’ (video)

Tamar Braxton (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

Tamar Braxton claims she finally has the receipts to prove that “The Real” co-host Loni Love orchestrated her shocking ouster from the daytime talk show.

Braxton, 42, says that Love engineered a successful writing campaign to the show’s producers and executives to get Braxton fired. Moreover, Braxton says Love’s former friend who wrote for her corroborates her suspicions.

Before today, Braxton was going off of intuition and innuendo without being able to produce explicit proof that Love got her fired, which Love has repeatedly and vehemently denied. Braxton says she now has proof in the form of Love’s former friend, Cookie Hull.

Tamar published this text message exchange with Hull:

Love responded to the drawn-out beef with this plea to meet up and talk in private, according to The Shade Room:

Hull sat down with Comedy Hype to explain that when she wrote for Love that Love told her that she was going to try to get Braxton axed from the show.

“She told me that she wanted (Braxton) off the show,” Hull tells Comedy Hype, adding that “she wanted to be the only ghetto girl on the show, and she wanted to get rid of her.”

Hull added that Love justified her actions this way:

When Braxton missed 52 episodes of “The Real” to perform on “Dancing With the Stars,” Hull says Love submitted that the ratings did not fall. Therefore, Love surmised that “The Real” did not need Braxton, according to Hull.

Listen to Hull’s full interview with Comedy Hype below: