Renowned journalist and author Denene Millner explores Blackness in new podcast

How did you come up with the name “Speakeasy with Denene”?

The name “Speakeasy” came from me wanting to focus each episode on a specific word. As a journalist and as an author, I love words. I just love the way they look on the page. I love to play with them in sentences. So I wanted to focus on one specific word and then figure out how that word engages with the African American community and … the way that African Americans engage with that word.

I wanted “Speakeasy” to be this refuge for African Americans, who very rarely get to engage with one another on this kind of level — where they get to sort of explore different topics and have these different topics sort of dance with one another — and be authentic to Black folks.

Based on your episode about love, what can you now share with women about dating?

So, what I’ve learned about love since that show:

1. There are plenty of available Black men in Atlanta.

2. I’ve learned to really understand that what’s necessary to date someone or to enjoy dating is to know what it is that you actually like and understand what works for you and what doesn’t work for you and be honest and true to that.

3. It’s OK to be alone. I have learned to fall in love with Denene, and falling in love with Denene has opened the door for me to be able to see the ability to be in a relationship. Like it’s OK to be in a relationship again.


Tigner is Media personality, Inspirational & Motivational writer based in Atlanta, Georgia

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