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Culture » Tim Caver captures moody yet vibrant moments through photography

Tim Caver captures moody yet vibrant moments through photography

Photographer Tim Caver (Photo courtesy of Tim Caver Photography)

Tim Caver has a passion for photography. The 30-year-old photographer and graphic designer is originally from Buffalo, New York, and currently resides in Atlanta with his beautiful wife and dog.

Growing up, Caver started with a point-and-shoot camera. However, it was a colleague during an internship that opened his eyes to how integral photography was to branding and marketing.

Caver has developed a strong passion behind the lens for capturing moments and expressions. His style of shooting has landed him some great opportunities including working with the United Negro College Fund to traveling cross-country photographing everything from weddings to sporting events.

(Photo courtesy of Tim Caver Photography)

Was there a specific moment when you realized photography meant more to you than just taking pictures?
The first week I got my camera, my wife and I traveled to Hampton University for our friend’s graduation from pharmacy school. I was extremely excited to test out my camera. One of the graduate’s mothers asked if I could take some shots of her daughter and their family on stage and after the ceremony. I realized that I was preserving special memories and I really started to take pride in my newfound hobby.

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