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Kings and Queens restaurant owner Sammed Okyne dishes up West African cuisine

Service is key. How do you maintain a high level of service and keep good staff?

It is important that all my employees understand the vision of the business, key customer service-related skills and the standard we set as a restaurant. Also making sure employees attend bi-weekly staff meetings to not only learn new techniques but also find solutions to unresolved issues we may have come across.

What kind of marketing and advertising initiatives have worked for you?

When we opened, I immediately began posting on Facebook and Instagram to create awareness. I credit these platforms for driving 70 percent of total restaurant sales. Advertising on these [platforms] also fared well. [The] average spend was $1,250 per month, which generated 10 times [the] return on spend. As business grew, I utilized the jobs feature to hire additional help.

What are some of your biggest failures, and what advice do you have for someone who has the dream of owning a restaurant?

One of my biggest failures was not delegating properly. Through trial and error, I have learned you must delegate in order to build a proper team. The biggest piece of advice I have is to believe in yourself, invest in your craft and start from any where you can.

Where can we follow Kings and Queens restaurant? 

@kingsandqueenslc on Instagram and Facebook; @kingsqueenslc on Twitter and at 

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