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Intuit manager Kiara Urbina shares how the company helped her grow as a leader

Kiara Urbina (Photo courtesy of Denzel Golatt)

Kiara Urbina is a sales manager at Intuit. Urbina started her journey at the financial company two years ago as a part of the early career program and she was recently promoted to strategic account manager. Read on to find out how Intuit provides services to help their employees and clients become successful.

Describe your duties in your current position.

I focus on managing and leading a team of sales consultants who are more specifically in early-career positions. What I do in that role is consult or coach to that consultant on their sales skills, to make sure that they are meeting or gaining the skills that they need for them to be prepared [for] the next role. I like it because this is a role that’s a benchmark for whenever we need promotions or need consultants with more experience. Aside from mentoring, I help to strategize, plan for any new initiative, and for things that we fall short under.

What is your daily schedule like?

I come into the office at around 7:30 a.m. I always try to start with my email and then my to-do list. I ask myself, what are the top three things that I need to accomplish today that will make me feel more successful tomorrow. After I do my administration work, my day will be packed with call shadowing and then the other half of the day will be spent in meetings.

How do you incorporate technology into your role?

It’s how we communicate with our clients, from having virtual meetings to using our systems to make sure that we connect with our customers, to using it for different types of reports, that let us know where the business stands. So if there wasn’t any technology, I don’t think that our jobs would be doable.

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