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‘The Real’ host says what Jussie Smollett did was ‘noble’ even if fake (video)

Amanda Seales (Image source: Instagram – @amandaseales)

The newest co-host of “The Real” and frequent fire-starter Amanda Seales did not take long to set Twitter ablaze. She insinuated that Jussie Smollett’s alleged hoax was “low-key noble,” despite the fact that prosecutors and much of the public believe he lied to police.

“Even if it was a hoax, this is really happening all the time. And even if it was a hoax for the sake of bringing attention to this, then I’m like, that’s low-key noble,” Seales said, shocking the viewing audience.

The 38-year-old Inglewood, California, native and star of HBO’s “Insecure” continued: “I’m at my wit’s end about us centering situations like this and wanting to make people have to pay. And it’s like Emmett Till’s accuser was a lot. I think she’s still alive and this young man died and she announced that she was lying about it.

“They should have put the shackles on her that day, and she’s walking around. So, no one was hurt in this situation. Nobody. You know what they’re mad about? Their time. Their resources being used … Taxpayers’ resources are being used every day to imprison people who have done nothing but be an addict, so I don’t want to hear about Jussie Smollett.”

Social media recoiled at Seales’ pronouncements and articulated their disgust in the comments section on the show’s YouTube page.

One fan summarized the sentiments of many when he said: “As a black man, I can say that Amanda lost me completely with the “lowkey noble” comment…the Jussie Smollet situation isn’t just about calling the police for no reason … People were hurt. As Jeannie rightly pointed out, this hoax will make it that much harder for real victims of real hate crimes to come forward and be taken seriously (sic).”

A second respondent crystallized the feelings of many others who accuse Seales of bringing the show down: “It’s ironic how Amanda was brought to the show to bring more awareness/education/conversation regarding the black community yet all she seems to be doing is being disrespectful and divisive … People who have a different opinions than your own are still deserving of respect. At this point, all I’ve learned from Amanda is its her way or the highway. Exact opposite of inclusive conversation and education. (sic)”

A third person added: “Lol did anyone else notice Adrienne’s face when Amanda said “low key noble”? 🤣 Amanda doesn’t make sense at all. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. (sic)”

Flip the page  to listen to Seales’ thoughts about the Smollett scandal:

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