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Dame Dash calls his kids ‘clowns’ during therapy session and storms out (video)

Dame Dash (Photo: Steed Media)

Dame Dash’s family therapy session quickly degenerated into chaos when he and two children began yelling at each other while volleying insults back and forth.

This clip is from the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” where Dash relentlessly argued with his two kids, son Damon “Boogie” Dash and daughter Ava Dash.

The therapist looked helpless as he was unable to tame the boiling tension between the trio of family members despite his desperate attempts to turn down the volume in the room.

Dame and Boogie start out the clip at level 10 as the son claims his father once kicked him out of the family home. Dame furiously denies it, but daughter Ava substantiates Boogie’s claims.

“You’re the reason we can’t talk,” Ava Dash says despite her father’s constant denials.

“You’re straight spoiled,” Dame shoots back at his daughter. “I’m very disappointed in you. You’re a child, I took care of you and you never gave me nothing in your life. You’re disrespectful.”

Dash then trains his ire back on his son, telling him to “mind your business” as he spars with Ava. “You’re so sensitive, you’re such a little girl about everything,” says father Dash, insulting his son while telling him that he’s acting “crazy.”

“Don’t yell at me, bro,” Dame shouts at his son. “The disrespect’s gotta stop, stupid.”

As Dame gets up to leave, Ava Dash tells him to “go away” before father Dash lobs one more insult: “You’re a clown, you’re both clowns.”

“Growing Up Hop Hop” airs Thursdays at 9 on WE tv.

View the explosive clip after the jump.

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