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Omari Hardwick’s brutal clapback at troll over ‘Power’ comment


Power Season 6

Omari Hardwick (Photo credit: / Paul Smith/ Featureflash)

“Power” star Omari Hardwick has the time for trolls these days.

The man who shot to international fame playing James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the blockbuster Starz series, clapped back hard at an Instagram troll who mocked Hardwick’s poetic expressions.

Hardwick, 46, posted himself sitting down in a corner wearing all black on his IG page that has nearly four million followers. He posted a poem called “Invictus” written by English poet William Ernest Henley. This is important to Hardwick because he and other college-age pledges had to learn this when they crossed to become members of the Black Greek fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha.

One serious fan of Hardwick and “Power” did not appreciate the 46-year-old actor’s poetic expression, though longtime fans of Hardwick know that he loves poetry. Therefore, the fan came at Hardwick in a way that sparked unexpected rage:

“We want ghost, f— what you talking about 😂😂😂.”

Hardwick savaged the so-called fan with a quick stroke of verbal brutality:

Hardwick said: “@kthadon now you ….you the clown. When i slap the s— outa you (cuz you don’t deserve more than that) outa you….i will remind you thas from me, Omari. B—- a– f— boy. Go be just THAT. Clown a– n—-. Should go ask your Momz if she can rebirth you. Matta fact….go find Tommy & Joe. See if they don’t say the same.”

The response to Hardwick’s stinging comeback at the wayward fan was mixed, with some supporting Hardwick and others chastising the actor for stooping to the fan’s level:

@omarihardwickofficial now you a keyboard slapper lol. What kind of way is that to talk to your fans? Show some class

@omarihardwickofficial #ghostdead but #omarihardwick still live & kickin. Play with him if You want!! You played Ghost so well fans can’t except it’s over 😭

@tristian_jaking it was just a funny comment. This n—- all in his feelings. The internet ain’t for him if he’s going to be all thin skinned.

@omarihardwickofficial why you respond to non sense . I don’t have to tell you how better than that you are . Keep inspiring block out the noise . Be blessed bro 💙✊🏾
When are yall gonna learn that @omarihardwickofficial ain’t tolerating no clown s—t directed towards him?? 😄.
@omarihardwickofficial Dam @kthadon you wanted the smoke and you got it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂