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Jamie Foxx encourages ABFF audience to ‘celebrate our own Blackness’

Jamie Foxx (Photo credit: Splash News)

Jamie Foxx wants to “stop thinking” about the Oscars and “celebrate his own blackness” as he picked up a special award given by the American Black Film Festival.

The 52-year-old actor was handed the recognition award for Excellence in the Arts from his friend and co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, at the event on Sunday night, Feb. 24, 2020.

Collecting his award, he said: “They will always need Black people because they will. Tell you what the f–k it really is. When I see all this talent, man, you can’t slip on your talent, which is why it means so much to get this award. People always talk about the Oscar, we got to stop thinking about the Oscar and celebrate our own thing, celebrate our own blackness. Quit thinking about the Oscar and that’s coming from a man – well I have an Oscar. I was nominated twice in the same year, but still quit thinking about it so much!”

Foxx then put on the voices of a number of his famous characters — including those from Any Given Sunday and Ali — as he revealed he “always wanted” to act and make music.

He added: “I’m giving you characters and that’s what I’ve always just wanted to do. When I was sitting at the lunch table in Texas, looking at city folk, people from Los Angeles, New York. I was like, ‘Damn maybe one day I’ll be able to kick it with them.

“All I ever wanted do was characters, I wanted to do music. I would throw parties at my house all the time because I wanted to get into music.”

Other winners on the night included Cynthia Erivo who was handed the Rising Star Award while Lena Waithe was honored with the Industry Resistance Award.