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McDonald’s owner-operator Andre Hill creates Black history design collaboration

McDonald’s Black History Month celebration in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo provided by Andre Hill)

Where do you see the vision for the next generation of McDonald’s owners?

I think that as Second Gens we understand our ability to influence others. Because of our age and lifestyle, we have more ability than our parents to change the outlooks of people who may think that they cannot achieve something because of where they come from, who they are and what they look like. Second Gens are big on using programs that McDonald’s has established to help provide opportunity and development to our employees. This includes college scholarships and free education.

What are three key business principles you have learned from your mother as an owner of several McDonald’s franchises?

I have learned to:

1. Always be clear and concise [about] what you want.
2. Always fight for what you believe in.
3. Listen before you speak.

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