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Relationships » Woman claims Black women are biphobic for refusing to date bisexual men

Woman claims Black women are biphobic for refusing to date bisexual men

INTEGRITY IS KEY: Integrity has been voted as one of the most important qualities men and women look for in a relationship. Trust is very important, but people also want to feel comfortable and proud about the idea of potentially introducing you to their parents. A mother’s approval is everything. You don’t want to go through a breakup where your former partner has Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” playing on repeat. Photo credit: Monkey Business Images /

“Love is Blind” has become Netflix’s latest reality TV hit. Contestants on the show get engaged to be married before physically meeting their significant other.

Following the release of the third episode of the dating show, social media went into a frenzy after two of the contestants, Diamond and Carlton, whose last names have yet to be released, got into a heated argument over Carlton’s sexuality.

Carlton revealed to Diamond that he is bisexual and she became upset that he withheld the information after she revealed personal aspects about her life. Carlton eventually became defensive and the entire argument prompted many on social media to discuss if women are wrong for refusing to date bisexual men.

Twitter user, @sunnydaejones, went viral after claiming that Black women are biphobic, the act of fearing a bisexual person if they choose not to date a man who identifies as bisexual.

“Black women… it’s homophobic and biphobic to not date a man just because he’s bisexual,” @sunnydaejones tweeted in a post that has garnered 25K likes. “You’re only bothered by dating bisexual men if deep down, you believe these (wrong) things: 1) Bisexual men arent ‘safe’ to date cause men who sleep with men will automatically give you HIV. 2) Bisexual men are lying and they really gay on the low. And that sis, is homophobic. Period.”

Thousands responded to the tweet by @sunnydaejones and others who weighed in on the controversial topic.

Twitter user @EmilyVroom responded by tweeting, “If you’re hiding something or omitting information you feel like there’s something wrong with it. Period. Don’t put this on other people.”

Another Twitter user, @   responded by tweeting, “If a heterosexual woman is thinking she is dating a heterosexual man but isn’t, that’s manipulation. He should tell her from the beginning who he really is for the simple fact that she’s being honest about her sexuality so he should be as well, right?”

And Twitter user @rey_xo_ tweeted, “I understand how it may feel that way, but the aim of these conversations is to get people to realize deep-rooted homophobia and biphobia that isn’t like blatantly seen. And to dismantle a lot of negative stigmas around bi people. That’s really it.”

The rules of dating have often been redefined throughout the years. But there has to be a balance between seeking transparency from a potential partner without the fear of being labeled as hateful or ignorant.