A.J. Johnson’s new series suggests relationship goals are often false reality

Actress A.J. Johnson (Photo credit: Christal Jordan for Steed Media)

Actress A.J. Johnson is no stranger to urban audiences. She is a fan favorite with classics like House Party, The Inkwell and Baby Boy under her belt.  In addition to her successful acting career, Johnson is an avid fitness and health enthusiast who encourages fans to join her in the “AJ Zone” which is a universal pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Johnson is starring in a new romantic comedy series titled “Stuck with You” on the Urban Movie Channel.  The series, also featuring Tammy Townsend, Terrence Green, former Danity Kane singer D. Woods, and R&B singer Shanice, focuses on a social media couple forced to stay together to keep their fame and money.

Rolling out spoke with Johnson about what relationship goals and why she believes Black women often struggle with adopting a healthier lifestyle.

This new series, “Stuck with You” is all about the #relationshipgoals that so many have made the epitome of a great relationship. What a great concept, do you think people will get it?

It is a great concept because it’s where we are right now. I think people see all the beautiful pictures and that’s been the basis of a beautiful relationship. Slowly, I think people have started to see that the pictures aren’t necessarily proof of a beautiful relationship, but I don’t think we’ve gotten to the place where people are defining what they want from a relationship for themselves. Do we want a spouse? Why or why not? What does that look like for you? And if you do want a spouse do you want someone that’s going to love you beyond the pretty pictures, or the fake hair or fake boobs. What do you really want from a relationship? That is your personal relationship goal.

Black women remain the highest groups dealing with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Where do you think the disconnect is with Black women and health?

Many of us are more focused on our “bags and bundles” than self-care. Meditation, exercise and eating clean comes in second to shoes and other material things that we focus on. I think it’s slowly changing, but we need to put our self-care above everything because it shows how we are truly loving ourselves.

I know for a fact that the shift to get to your goals has to start in your spirit. When you make the shift in your spirit then it’s easy to maintain the discipline that it takes to reach your goals. When that doesn’t happen then you hear the doctors saying, “If you lost ten pounds you wouldn’t have to take the high blood pressure pills, the same thing with diabetes, if you lost twenty pounds you wouldn’t need the insulin, if you reduce your stress you wouldn’t have hypertension. It all starts in the spirit.

You can subscribe to the Urban Movie Network to see Johson and the rest of the star-studded cast in “Stuck with You.”

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