Dr. Sebi’s daughter and grandson dispel myths about him, share tips for healthy living

Dr. Sebi's daughter and grandson dispel myths about him, share tips for healthy living
Kellie and Izeah Bowman (Photo credit: Christal Jordan for Steed Media)

Famed healer Dr. Sebi had an approach to health using food and natural herbs as medicine for the body that was ahead of its time.

Since his death, we’ve been inundated with documentaries and studies on how a plant-based diet is a safer and healthier approach to food consumption because of the way meat is processed today.

Dr. Sebi‘s daughter Kellie Bowman and his grandson Izeah Bowman recently visited rolling out studios to discuss the long-awaited documentary about his life and their commitment to follow in his footsteps and help others attain a healthy lifestyle.

Conspiracy theorists believe Dr. Sebi died under suspicious circumstances. Do you?

Kellie: No. Let’s clear that up. … If anyone wanted to kill him, they would’ve done it when he was in the middle of a controversy in the ’80s. That’s not true.

Some people are starting to panic about the coronavirus, which until recently was contained in China. What can we do to prepare for a possible outbreak in the U.S.?

Kellie: The best thing you can do is change your diet and stay aware of what’s going on. Our immune system is stronger when we are eating to live and not for enjoyment. We should be eating to put nutrients in our bodies to fuel us and keep our bodies strong.

Beyond the coronavirus, processed food is killing our society. … There is no nutritional value in the food most of us are eating.

Click continue to read more about the forthcoming documentary about Dr. Sebi and for the Bowmans’ healthy-living tips.

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