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Wale reps for Black History Month as AT&T ‘Dream in Black’ Future Maker

The rapper-singer and songwriter Wale visited Chicago for Black History Month at the AT&T flagship store. Wale was named “Dream In Black” 2020 Future Maker along with Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Angela Simmons. The initiative shines the light on those individuals who have added value to Black culture through their talents.

Kyle Santillian of WGCI held a fireside conversation with Wale. When speaking of his honesty as an artist, Wale shares “If you can’t talk about your truth you probably shouldn’t be making music or any art. It’s got to be honest. This music is about being honest for real.”

Rolling out asked Wale how his African heritage and American upbringing inspired his art. “It’s caught in between. I’ve been caught in between my whole career. I think it’s what makes me unique. It makes things good for me and I also have to work a little bit harder, because I represent two cultures.” said Wale

Wale closed the event out with a few of his hit songs and thanked his fans for supporting him throughout his career.

Take a look at a few pictures from the event in the gallery above.