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Why the state of Alabama is being accused of ‘lynching’ Nathaniel Woods

Photo credit: / Skyward Kick Productions

Nathaniel Woods has been executed by the state of Alabama. On March 5, Woods died of lethal injection after the U.S. Supreme Court lifted a temporary stay to further review his case.

Woods was convicted in the deaths of three police officers that occurred in 2004. However, Woods’ co-defendant, Kerry Spencer, revealed that he was the only trigger man and that Woods did not commit the crime.

Spencer admitted to shooting the officers in self-defense because the officers were assaulting Woods. The judge refused to permit that evidence during the trial. Furthermore, two of the officers who were killed were later accused by another drug dealer of being involved in a corrupt scheme that protected dealers in exchange for money. The Birmingham police declined to comment on the allegation.

Thousands called for Woods to receive a new trial. But with his death, some are accusing the state of Alabama of lynching Woods.