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LeBron James changes stance on coronavirus (video)

LeBron James (Photo credit: Laud A. Okoh of Snap at You Photography)

LeBron James pulled the signature spin move that he typically displays on the court, only this time he did it with the media regarding his stance on the coronavirus.

Members of the media stood at a noticeable distance from the Los Angeles Lakers superstar because the National Basketball Association — as well as other major sports leagues — have implemented a number of measures to reduce the spread of the deadly and prolific virus.

Over the weekend, King James told the press that he would not play NBA games before an empty arena. But in light of the seriousness of COVID-19, James has now reversed his stance.

“Well it’s funny because, when I was asked the question of would you play without no fans, I had no idea that there was actually a conversation going behind closed doors about the particular virus,” James said, according to CBS News.

The 35-year-old MVP candidate admitted he would be “disappointed” if the league mandated that games be played before empty arenas temporarily, but he would acquiesce to league leaders.

“But at the same time, you got to listen to the people that’s keeping track of what’s going on,” James said. “If they feel like it’s best for the safety of the players, the safety of the franchise, the safety of the league to mandate that, then we all listen to it.”

In addition to the aforementioned measures, the NBA has also implored players not to accept or sign memorabilia or high-five fans for the foreseeable future. All players and staff members are also required to keep hand sanitizer within proximity.

Check out James addressing the media below: