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Walmart’s Tony Waller explains how business growth is defined by diversity

What do you want Black women to learn about Walmart that they don’t already know?

We want them to know that we care about them. We want them to know that we value them as customers. This creates an opportunity for us to do just that. It also provides us an opportunity to share with them the products and services that we have to offer because so often they don’t realize that we have all this stuff.

This gives us an opportunity to share with them that we have the brands that they need and they want.

How important is it for corporations to embrace diversity?

It’s so important. I mean let’s face it: in a few years, we will be a minority-majority country. That means that the majority of people in this country will be of minority descent. They will be people of color. If you want to grow, you’ve got to have that business. It’s a simple business proposition. You want to be profitable and grow? You better be attracting that new client. Otherwise, you’re in trouble. We want to continue growing, and that means that we have to [support] that customer and give them what it is that they need and want.

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