Miami cop beat Black woman during college spring break (Video)

Photo: screen shot via @ShaunKing Instagram

Video has emerged of a police officer beating a woman during spring break festivities in Miami. On March 12, the video was posted by The Shade Room and Shaun King via his Instagram page.

On the video, a Black woman, who appeared to be in her early 20s, was running when she bumped into a police officer by mistake which caused both of them to fall to the ground. Although the woman did not break a law, the police officer got up and pushed the woman back to the ground. The officer, who appeared to be White, then grabbed the woman by her neck and slammed her head into the pavement and dozens of college students on spring break watched in awe.

The officer continued to pin the young woman to the ground and waited for other officers to arrive. She was aggressively handcuffed while her face was to the ground.

Activist Shaun King posted the video with the caption, “What’s his name? This is Miami. Spring Break. She was unarmed and non-violent. He was embarrassed that he ran into her and fell and began choking the life out of her. Again, he wouldn’t do this to somebody that looked like his daughter.”

At press time, the arresting officer and the young woman have yet to be identified.

View video of the disturbing arrest below.

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