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Politics » Andrew Gillum found inebriated in hotel room with possible bags of crystal meth

Andrew Gillum found inebriated in hotel room with possible bags of crystal meth

Andrew Gillum (Photo credit: Shutterstock / David Herring)

Andrew Gillum, who won over the hearts of Florida voters during the 2018 gubernatorial race when he came 34,000 votes shy of winning the election, was found in a Miami hotel room filled with bags of possible methamphetamine.

According to the Miami Herald, Gillum was one of three men in a South Beach hotel room where police reportedly discovered one of the men unresponsive due to an apparent overdose.

The Herald reports that police were called to the Mondrian South Beach on Friday morning, March 13, 2020, where they ultimately found Travis Dyson, 30, who allegedly had suffered a heart attack. The other man was identified as Aldo Mejias, 56.

While Gillum was not arrested, police reported that the charismatic politician was too inebriated to respond to questioning. An offense report indicates that several bags were suspected to contain crystal meth and were found in various parts of the hotel room.

According to the Miami Herald, Mejias explained to police that he’d provided Dyson with his credit card information to pay for the room, and when he arrived shortly before midnight, he found both men — Dyson and Gillum — “under the influence of an unknown substance.”

Shortly thereafter, Mejias said he entered the room where he saw Dyson collapse on the bed. As it became obvious that Dyson was having difficulty breathing, Mejias attempted to perform CPR until paramedics arrived.

According to the report provided by Mejias, Gillum also vomited in the bathroom.

Gillum was not arrested and paramedics transported Dyson to Mount Sinai Medical Center, where he is said to be in stable condition.

Gillum provided a statement to The Root in response to news reports that can be read in full on the next page.

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