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21 Savage says people are telling him that he has the coronavirus

21 Savage (Photo by Norman Johnson)

21 Savage says that people who are in contact with him are suggesting that he has the coronavirus. The Atlanta-based rapper is currently under the weather and some have told him that he may have the virus, which can be deadly.

On May 14, 21 Savage posted a video on Instagram to share his ordeal.

“I been breaking down my symptoms,” 21 Savage told his followers. “Everybody keep talking ’bout it sounds like coronavirus. So I say, ‘Okay, say less.’ Where could I have received this coronavirus from? So I go to thinking about my schedule. Okay, where I went? Okay, we went to the club the other night. So I’m like, ain’t no way in hell I caught it in the club, ’cause I know it ain’t just skipped over and came straight to me.”

21 Savage continued, “‘Cause it’s like, damn, whoever the higher power is, bruh, I know its 60, 70 f— n—- in the club. I came with some of the f— n—-. Ain’t no way in hell this s— done skipped over all these f— n—- and just landed right on me.”

The rapper decided to get a regular check-up from the doctor, but he did not reveal if he had been tested for the coronavirus.

“So I go to describe what I need,” 21 Savage said. “It feels like I have a sinus cold. That’s what I’m describing. It don’t matter what I describe. If I describe anything during these times, it’s already, ‘Oh, he got the coronavirus.’ I can call them folks and say whatever, they still gon’ say, ‘coronavirus.'”

At press time, the state of Georgia has 64 cases of the coronavirus according to Gov. Brian Kemp.