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Kevin McCall accuses Eva Marcille of exploiting husband Mike Sterling

Eva Marcille (Photo source: Instagram – @EvaMarcille)

Eva Marcille’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her eldest child has used social media to trash the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star once again.

Marcille and McCall dated a few years ago, which produced their 6-year-old daughter, Marley Rae.

But McCall is feeling some kind of way these days after Marcille legally changed Marley Rae’s last name to that of her husband, Atlanta attorney Michael Sterling. She claimed that McCall was not in the child’s life and never contributed a dime toward child support and treated her horribly. Also, McCall, in a fit of anger, had renounced relations with his daughter on Instagram.

But when McCall traversed the continent to appear in court to challenge Marcille having sole custody, he was arrested at Fulton County Courthouse in downtown Atlanta when he defied a sheriff’s order to turn off his Facebook Live video. McCall and the officer struggled and tumbled down an escalator, causing injury to the sheriff. McCall has now been charged with a felony because of the episode.

McCall screenshot a message from a fan who claims that Marcille is wrong for taking his daughter from him.

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