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Business » Licensed counselor Latricia Pitts is committed to mental health and healing

Licensed counselor Latricia Pitts is committed to mental health and healing

(Photos credit: Amanii Oda)

In honor of Women’s History Month, rolling out is recognizing female professionals who are making a difference in their fields and our community. Latricia Pitts is a licensed professional counselor specializing in anger, addiction, family therapy and clinical supervision, with her own practice in Atlanta.

What made you want to become a counselor?  

I’ve always been the person that everyone comes to for advice and encouragement. It’s my gift and calling to assist in the psychological and spiritual healing of the world. In assisting in people’s healing process, it impacts the present and future generations in promoting mentally stable lifestyles.

How important is it for women to have a voice in your field?

It’s extremely important. Mental health, in reference to counselors and social workers, is definitely dominated by women. However, the salary and policies within our field need to be overhauled. The women do the work in the field, but often the decisions on legislation, policies and salary are made by men or individuals that are not heavily involved in direct contact with clients. We need women not only in the field to render services but also to advocate and demand change in reference to the field of mental health so clients can get the services they need. It is hard work providing mental health services. It is important that mental health providers are fairly compensated and valued while the clients are being served.

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