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Normani responds to Beyoncé comparisons

Normani (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Normani opens up about people comparing her to Beyoncé.

The former Fifth Harmony star has admitted that while the comparison is the “the biggest compliment” as the “Single Ladies” hitmaker is her idol, such an appraisal carries a lot of weight.

In an interview for the latest issue of Wonderland magazine, of which she is the cover star, Normani admitted: “It would be vain to think that [the media] wouldn’t compare me to another African-American female who has the capabilities of singing and dancing.

“That is the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me, because everybody knows that’s my favorite artist, hands down, of all time. But I definitely think it puts pressure on me. For sure.”

The “Dancing with a Stranger” hitmaker also confessed that at the start of her solo career, she wasn’t able to “enjoy it” because she is an “over-thinker” and placed a lot of pressure on herself.

She said: “I think maybe in the beginning, if I’m being wholeheartedly honest, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

“I’m the biggest over-thinker naturally, so having the expectations of everybody else and them not even knowing the expectation that I have of myself … It’s easy for me to sometimes get in my own way. But I’ve been enjoying it more recently. And I’m really, really excited.”

The “Motivation” singer also admitted that she never intended to go solo and there were times when she felt like she “could have given up,” but she’s “glad” she didn’t because she can now “create” her “own narrative.”

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